Du in einem Tweet

I don’t tweet.

Was machst du bei Tippster?

I joined Tippster in later stages of growth, my responsibilities range from Front end Web Application Development to finding new ways of enhancing usability.

Wie gut tippst du?

I’m a terrible loser due to my highly competitive nature, however, my friends seem to outsmart me in the most surprising of circumstances!

Für welche Sportart schlägt dein Herz?

I am a Road cyclist by heart, I hope Tippster finds its way in the Tour De France.

Welchem Team drückst du die Daumen?

I am a mountain goat by nature, So team Tinkoff-Saxo lies close to my heart, watching the boys competitively challenge themselves makes me grip onto my Pretzel sticks for dear life, Strategy is my game.

Apple oder Android – auf welcher Seite der Macht stehst du?

In my student life, Macs always seemed to be more functional, That mentality has migrated to the workplace, I just need my daily Apple. Even my Doctor Agrees (that was terrible).

Welche Apps dürfen auf deinem Handy nicht fehlen?

If I’m not destroying my friends on Tippster, i’d say Reddit and Whatsapp.

Mal abgesehen von Tippster, was machst du sonst noch?

I am a diverse creature, I love Photography and Scuba Diving, so when I do get the time (never), I tend to plan my next tropical travel adventures.